Bisexual girl Chicago

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See all locations. Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Main Events. Open search form. Enter search query Clear Text. Saved Searches Advanced Search. Browse Browse, collapsed Browse. By Audience Kids Teens. Jacket cover images copied to clipboard. General Recommendations. Staff-created list. This list is a Bisexual girl Chicago selection of LGBT fiction, including some older classics and more recent successes both critical and commercial. Many authors included here have written other excellent works of fiction.

Alternatives to Sex. Paperback - Show less. Available in some locations. Three different versions of Olympic swimmer Jesse Austin's life play out, each based on different decisions she makes in her romantic life after winning the silver medal at the age of 17 in Bastard Out of Carolina. Bone, an abused girl growing up in poverty in the rural South, takes shelter and inspiration from the women of her family in this heart-wrenching and largely autobiographical novel.

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A Boy's Own Story. Book - White's highly autobiographical novel of a boy's adolescence in the s is a classic coming of age novel, celebrated for its elegant prose. Call Me by your Name. In this warm, sensual novel set during an Italian summer, a young man falls for one of his father's graduate students and experiences all the exquisite pains and joys of first love.

Coffee Will Make You Black. The civil rights movement serves as a backdrop in this delightful coming of age story in which Stevie struggles to create her own racial and sexual identity. Confessions of A Mask. The first novel dealing with male homosexuality in modern Japanese literature to gain both artistic recognition and wide popularity, Confessions is a fierce and semi-autobiographical portrait of a young man coming to terms with his sexuality.

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Giovanni's Room. A young African American who is engaged to be married falls in love with an Italian waiter in Paris and struggles with his sexual identity. The Hours. Drawing inspiration from Virginia Woolf's life and her novel Mrs. Dalloway, Cunningham tells the haunting stories of a group of contemporary characters. Here Comes the Sun. Dennis-Benn's beautiful debut explores the flipside of paradise, including the exploitation, racism, poverty and homophobia of Jamaica.

The characters are refreshingly imperfect in this radiant story of family. When Cara dies in a car crash, Pen is left to cope with a secret widowhood. This novel follows Pen through the week following Cara's death, as she grieves and strives to put together a new life. All copies in use Availability details. Just as I Am. In his bold and moving portrait of contemporary black life, Harris tackles such issues as bisexuality, AIDS and racism.

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The Line of Beauty. Nick Guest, a young Henry James scholar and Oxford graduate, is temporarily installed in the home of a wealthy classmate where he is introduced to London's political and cultural elite against a backdrop of s excess. Memoirs of Hadrian. And, Reflections on the Composition of Memoirs of Hadrian.

In this landmark of historical fiction, the Emperor Hadrian shares reminiscences of his life with his nephew Marcus Aurelius, creating a self-portrait that captures the decadence, cruelty, and beauty of ancient Rome. This Cleveland-set novel is a tale East Indian American family life and friendship. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

The surprisingly humorous story of an adopted daughter struggling to accept her sexuality while coming to terms with her extremely religious mother. The Bisexual girl Chicago book in a trilogy, Barker's acclaimed novel deals with the treatment of shell-shocked soldiers during World War I, centering on poet Siegfried Sassoon. Rubyfruit Jungle. Molly Bolt is the feisty and courageous protagonist in this classic lesbian bildungsroman.

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Plays Well With Others. Young Hartley leaves the South for the Big Apple to make it as a writer in the early s. There he falls in with a carefree bohemian community of artists struggling to adapt to a deadly new disease. The Price of Salt. A young set deer and a divorced mother fall in love in s New York City.

As they travel across the country their relationship blooms, but discovery of the true nature of their relationship by others could alter their lives. Putting on the Ritz.

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A Single Man. Dramatizing a day in the life of a middle aged professor mourning his partner who died in a tragic accident, Isherwood's novel is a vivid portrait of pre-Stonewall life. Tales of the City. This addictive and operatic novel revolves around the tenants who occupy an apartment building on Barbery Lane in a vibrant 's San Francisco. Tipping the Velvet. This historical novel is a lush and sensual tour of Victorian London, with our guide Nancy, who is looking for independence, identity, and ultimately, love.

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Bisexual girl Chicago

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